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Welcome To Lacatang Home Goods.
Welcome To Lacatang Home Goods.
Add some flavor to your living room walls

Add some flavor to your living room walls

Spicing Up Your Living Room Wall Décor has never been easier or more exciting. There are endless choices and various kinds for everyone’s needs and tastes. From paintings to wall hangings, from mirrors to shelves, each form of wall decor helps in transforming the house into a reflection of the person living in it. The person will look at all these possibilities on how to decorate the living room walls.

1. Wall Tapestries: Artisanal tapestries can add a cozy, boho feel to your space; alternatively, you can consider bold metal wall art pieces that will additionally reflect your quirky style. Etsy for example has a vast collection of handmade tapestries that make the living room feel warm and inviting.

2. Wall Mirrors: Apart from being useful, mirrors create an illusion of spaciousness and brightness in your home Pottery Barn, for instance, offers a range of mirrors, from vintage to modern styles which can be used as central decorations on living room walls.

3. Floating Shelves: Putting up floating shelves on your living rooms’ walls serves dual purpose.One is its practicality for saving space while providing display platforms for favorite decorative items including photos and books.

4. Wall Paintings: Whether it is a single large painting as the focal point or an abstract painting that gives the room modernity and sophistication; wall paintings are always timeless choices for any sitting room.StateoftheART boasts extensive collections of abstract wall décor paintings by local artists.

5. DIY Wall Decor: Nothing adds personality to your living space more than a DIY project.You could have painted murals or framed family photographs or even art made by children –DIY wall decor is an easy yet satisfying way to give homes more character.

According to Cheryl Eisen Interior Designer,"Living rooms should be comfortable functional places where you can show off your personality to family and friends." So what better way to do this than through some well thought out wall decor. Take the plunge and start transforming your living room walls today.

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