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Welcome To Lacatang Home Goods.
Creating a Restful and Relaxing Bedroom Wall Decor

Creating a Restful and Relaxing Bedroom Wall Decor

A bedroom, for us, should be a sanctum where we can lay aside the stress, loosen up and get re-energized after long hard days. It is fundamental to establish an atmosphere that enhances a restful and relaxing environment. One way of achieving this is through nice bedroom wall decor in your room. The Huffington Post argues that walls beautified with aesthetics as well as personal touches are capable of making one feel good and also create a calming effect [1]. Here are some tips on creating a restful and relaxing bedroom wall decor:

 Color Selection: Choose gentle shades creating an atmosphere of relaxation. According to Travelodge’s study, using cool colors such as blue, green or gray will help you have better sleep by reducing stress levels and anxiety [2].

 Artwork: Use pieces that reflect your mood positively. Martha Stewart recommends the use of landscapes art work; abstract shapes or muted colors which could have a calming influence [3].

 Mirrors: Mirrored wall décor makes rooms appear larger thereby reflecting more light giving them an airier look from Houzz [4].

 Personal Photos: Add pictures that take you back to good memories therefore contributing towards happiness making it serene.

 Wall Shelves: Where practicality meets upper storage space with chances of displaying showpieces.

This quote holds for bedroom wall decor; “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” (Morris 2015). Every accessory chosen must either serve its purpose or add beauty to the surroundings.


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