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Welcome To Lacatang Home Goods.
Welcome To Lacatang Home Goods.
Modern or Rustic: choose your Home Decor style?

Modern or Rustic: choose your Home Decor style?

To create an atmosphere that reflects your personality and preferences, it is essential to choose the right style for your home. Individual taste, current trends and overall home aesthetic can often be the deciding factors when one has to select between modern wall decor and rustic wall decor. An in-depth understanding of these styles will enable you to make a wise decision on what style to use.

Modern Wall Decor

The modern wall decor uses straight lines, simple features, and neutral coloring that enhances the appeal of an interior. For instance, materials such as glass, metal and highly polished wood are used predominantly while focusing on simplicity and usability. If you think about modern decors then probably abstract wall décor mirrors canvas wall art plus even consider wall decor stickers.

 Minimalistic Appeal: Modern décor is characterized by designs that are simple in nature with colors which do not require much attention; as designer Robert Brown put it “less is more.”

 Versatility: Modern artwork can fit into almost any space whether living room or kitchen.

 Trendy: According to Home-Decor study, over the last five years, modern design prevalence increased by 20%.

Rustic Wall Decor

On the other side of the spectrum lies rustic wall decor. To achieve warmth and charm, this style mainly incorporates natural elements, distressed pieces as well as rich textures. Wood and metal dominate here with wooden wall décor large wall décor farmhouse wall décor vintage wall décor among others being some of their options.

 Warm & Cozy Ambiance: The rustic theme gives a feeling of comfortability such that Elsie De Wolfe once opined “I am going to make everything around me beautiful –that will be my life.”

 Durability: A good example would be heavy-duty materials employed in rustic designs making them ideal for long-term investment.

 Growing Popularity: Rustic décor had a 35% increase in its popularity on online platforms last year according to Decor Trends.

Finally, the decision between modern and rustic depends on your personal flavor as well as the rest of your décor, or simply depending on the mood you want to set in a particular room. Remember this may not necessarily be an either/or choice since sometimes combining elements from both can produce equally stunning and unique spaces.
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