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Air Pot for Tea Coffee 5L Pump Action Insulated Airpot Flask Drink

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Tired of lukewarm beverages at work or out on the road? Try this well-insulated five-litre airpot flask from Randy & Travis Machinery. Keep hot water hot for coffee or tea, or keep your favourite chilled beverages icy-cold for longer with this handy flask. Perfect for picnics or large outdoor gatherings, this flask can hold up to 18 mugs or 25 cups of either a hot or cold beverage. Double-walled vacuum insulation helps the beverage retain its temperature, preventing heat or chill loss for hours. A pump-action dispenser makes serving a breeze. Just press the button on the lid, and your drink will flow out of the spout. With this flask, you'll never need to lift or tilt, reducing spill danger. A sturdy carrying handle makes it easy for you to take your flask with you wherever you go. Crafted from the highest-quality stainless steel, your flask will look as good as it functions. Compared to a glass-insulated flask, the steel airpot flask is far more robust, and will stand up to even the roughest conditions without breakage. Since stainless steel repels stains and oils, the flask is remarkably easy to keep fresh and ready for use. After clean-up, you can use it for another beverage, with no lingering flavours from the previous contents. Order yours now. Features and specifications: Capacity: 5 litres (25 cups or 18 mugs) Insulation: Double-walled stainless steel Exterior: Stainless steel Type of beverages: Either hot or cold Dispenser: No-spill pump action Safety lock and carry handle for the ultimate convenience Take it along for picnics and long trips Perfect for caterers, or for busy offices and meetings